Snirt is a mixture of snow and dirt.  It mainly comes from North Dakota..perhaps they get their snirt from Montana ..who knows.

Someone..not pointing fingers or not practicing soil erosion practices very well.  What’s a few inches of topsoil anyway..Minnesota can use that.

On snirty can go outside and feel that gritty dirt on your teeth, and when you blow your nose..well you know.

Gone is our winter wonderland of sparkling newly fallen snow..what we are left with is this..


Oh well it will be 60 degrees warmer this week than last week..remember that –31 F night or –35 C ??  We are supposed to be 34 F or 1C today by 4 PM.  I am sure the germs will like will most likely rain again what wasn’t slippery after the last rain will have another go at being slicker than snot on a doorknob:)

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  1. WE had at least 8 inches on the deck today…..there is more east of us..up to 12 inches in DL according to a friend there. OUr is still white and wind yet but we will get it never fear..and then minus 25 degrees on a morning.

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