Wistful Wednesday : Snowmobiling

Snowmobiling.  Years ago snowmobiling was all the rage in Minnesota during the “snow” years.  There were many groups of people that would get together on the weekends to snowmobile.

My parents had first one snowmobile..then two so they could each drive.  I believe this is the first snowmobile they had.

Connie and Julie Ann 1969

Me and my sister Julie in 1969.  I was almost sixteen when she was born..so there is a big age difference between us.  The photo is taken at the farm where I was raised.  We didn’t take the snowmobile too far ..just around in the surrounding fields.

Far Guy’s Dad had an old snowmobile..he worked on it..it ran good ..I think it was one of the early ones.

Old Larson snowmobile

We saw one at the Osage Fishing Derby a few years ago..and I had my camera..imagine that.  Far Guy says he thinks it is about a 1963 model.

The seat lifted up and you could store hot dogs and buns and marshmallows inside the seat until you found a good spot to make a campfire and have lunch.  We have some funny old 8mm film footage showing Far Guy’s Dad zooming around the farm.

It snowed here..we have 9 1/2 inches plus of new snow.  So the snowmobilers will have a fun weekend…they deserve at least one good weekend during the winter.

When Far Guy and I used to take the old Larson out for a ride we never took it further than we wanted to walk back.

We now have fiber optic fancy smancy Internet and it has been giving us fits..so if I disappear it is because we have lost our connection completely..newfangled stuff…when it works, it is just fine ..but I get a tad  a bit  very  extremely cranky when things don’t work like they should.  :(

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2 Responses to Wistful Wednesday : Snowmobiling

  1. Elaine says:

    You make me laugh nearly every day!! Thanks!

  2. Old snowmobiles—we still have my Dad’s 1968 Arctic Cat with a 12 horse Kohler engine in our pole building. Lots of fun had with that old snowmobile and lots of hauling of wood out of our bottom land by the river years ago.
    Teh sound of the engine..thub thub thub….attracted a ruffed grouse who hung around our place in 1979.

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