We got some snow.  It was about time.  All the snirt is now hidden under a pure white blanket.

The snow came down gently..and transformed our world.

Jan 29 nine and a half inches of snow

January 29, 2013   9 1/2 inches of snow


Far Guy stuck a ruler in the snow on the patio.

Sunrise on Tuesday

The sun tried to peek through..but remained hidden all day long.


The snow came down so gently that snow was stacked up all over.

Joshua came by and plowed us out and Far Guy made a path for the Turkeys and Chance.

Chance sitting on a snowbank

Chance has a couple of real tall snow banks to sit on.  If the wind comes up I suppose this fluffy new snow will blow around a tad:)

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One Response to Snow

  1. Sharron says:

    What beautiful pictures you take. We used to live in Minnesota and remember well the beauty of a snowfall dusting the birch trees in front of our home. We also remember snowblowing our driveway and then seeing the plow come by and burying the end of our driveway with wet, heavy snow. We now live in a much warmer climate and appreciate the beauty here also. Looking good, Chance!

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