Last summer we were having issues with our Internet Connection that used the bottom part of our phone line.  Far Guy was having problems watching his music videos online.  We needed to upgrade, I called our provider and the service that we had could not be speeded they suggested a Fiber Optic Connection. The work was done before freeze up..the line had to be dug in and brought over to the house.

Finally Monday morning a young man came to change our hookup..after much fussing and farting around he declared it done.  It seemed to work…until I noticed that my computer was intermittently losing the signal.  ( Everything is supposed to be wireless.)

I spoke with the help desk many times..they ran connection tests.  We rebooted and reset..and waited overnight.  To make everything worse they put all the “stuff” the router and a power box high on a shelf in the utility room..the shelf is about 7 feet tall.   Every time something had to be checked Far Guy had to stand on a stool and lean over the top of the pressure tank behind the stacked washer and was not fun.

The next day, Tuesday I could not send an email without timing out.  I was DISGUSTED.  By this time I have spoken to everyone at the help desk..I am sure they thought I was nuts as everything on their end looked good.

Finally they said they wanted to run a test..and I was to hook up the laptop directly to their cable and a test would run for two hours.  FINE.  I charged up the laptop..Far Guy put the laptop on top of the stacked washer dryer and teetered on his step stool to put in all the proper codes.  THEN the tech guy said it would have to run for 24 hours and if we wanted to use the Internet to just use the laptop.  ( I could not see myself with my chin on the washer dryer peeking at the screen to type anything. )

I called them yet again and said what in the world are we trying to find out anyway..they said we want to see if your router is the problem..we have to isolate the problem.  I said fine run your stupid test I am going to Wally World to buy a new router.  So we did and hooked it up all by ourselves..and had a perfect signal.   Far Guy and I are computer least we must be because the problem was solved.

My thoughts:

The install guy should have seen/known that our router was not large enough or powerful enough to handle the signal.

When you call and email the help desk..they should just assign your case to one person..I was sick and tired of explaining everything to Jose, Tim and Evan..I sent them several emails..and phoned many times..I am sure they shuddered every time they found it was me again with a complaint.

I called them after the install of the new router when everything was working hunky dory..and told them what the problem was so perhaps the next person will be spared some aggravation.

I was so stressed out on Tuesday night..I slept for nine hours straight without waking up once.  Stress exhausts me and that is the way my body deals with it.

I absolutely hate it when something is supposed to work and it doesn’t.  So far, so good we have had a couple of great connection days so hopefully we can put all the new connection hassle behind us:)

Snow on the pines

January 31, 2013  Snowy Pines

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2 Responses to Connections

  1. Katrina says:

    Just reading your blog is STRESSFUL!!! today! I agree with your thoughts.

  2. I agree with your frustrations at calling, calling, trying to get the right thing done.
    I am amazed how incapable some “experts” seem to be when confronted with what was obvious….too small a————–thingamabog to handle the new upgrade.
    We have dealt with such stuff re. direct TV for awhile but all seems well now.
    In spite of the wonders of Hi Tech I sometimes long for the less complicated days of no computers and no fancy phones that do everything except wipe your b—–t.

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