It was a tad chilly early in the morning on February 1.  It makes you wonder what the rest of the month will be like. –38 F is –38C..finally we are on the same number..cold.

Welcome February

I took this photo..hoping it wouldn’t drop any lower and went back to bed where it was toasty warm.

It was 32F on Tuesday the high for the week..that is 70 degrees difference in temperature from Tuesday to Friday.  Weird weather or what?

Chance had a difficult time outside..he kept lifting up his front feet one at a time.  This brutal weather is hard on our pets too.

The birds were here in huge flocks today. 100’s of little Redpolls, the usual Chickadees and Nuthatches and even two Blue Jays, oh and the Woodpeckers.  I have been stalking a Red-Bellied Woodpecker he is very shy.  We had more Turkeys than normal too..the usual group of 8 increased to 13 today. ..perhaps visiting relatives.

What do we do when the weather is so cold?  Stayed home..I worked on Museum “stuff” and Far Guy putzed all day..he and Chance walked to the mailbox about noon..the warmest part of the day.  I had a good long nap and woke up just in time for supper…Far Guy was the Chef yesterday!

It would have been a good day to go out and get some photographs but it was just too cold.

I am still working on my list..I better punch it up into high gear February is a short month:)

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  1. Last night I heard the report of very cold temps registered in Park Rapids (minus 34) but your thermometer registered even colder at your place. It is downright in humane and also in-dog-mane. Poor Chance!
    I am feeling so sorry for the Bushes with the death of dear little Barney Bush.
    I am in Human Hibernation… is too cold to do much of anything. I have to wait for better weather to get motivated. The couch and the soft blanket calls to me constantly these last days

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