Chance the scout

Chance where have you been?  Were you out for a walk all by yourself?

Chance where have you been

“Nope I am the scout!  I am on duty.”

What are you scouting ?  Turkeys or squirrels?

I just walk faster than he does.

“I am the advance scout for Far Guy, he is carrying the US Mail.”

“I am ready at the drop of a dog bone to protect all the mail and the males safe passage.”

People and animals

You are a good scout Chance.


“I know.  Neither the snow, rain, wind or freezing temperatures or even Sundays stop me from taking my walk to the mail box.” :)

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2 Responses to Chance the scout

  1. Sharron says:

    Such beautiful pictures, and Chance…’re as beautiful as ever!

  2. Giddum up Scout! (Chance) Far Guy is safe while you are on duty.
    Good Boy!!!!!

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