Dreary Days

The days are dreary but warmer than last week.

Pine Lake

Pine Lake

I had the meeting with the mucky mucks.   It went well, I learned quite a bit.  I now have more of a plan than I had before about goals for the museum..what is possible and what might be attainable IF I can get ALL the Board members to work together as a well oiled team.

I am not so certain I am the right person to take this ball and run with it.. I think I will catch the ball ..and hobble along until I am tired and then look for a replacement.  I am not sure that I want to be at the museum long enough to see a ten year plan through to completion.  I have family things to do..things that take longer than a three or even four day weekend.  I have a wildflower book to write..I have family histories to do…I have places to explore and  photos to take.  The museum will be there when I am dead and gone..I can retire this year..I will be old enough. Will I?  Probably not..

There is much to think about on these grey dreary days. I am working on one of the museums biggest fundraisers right now..perhaps when I get that off in the mail I will feel better. Maybe.  I know a little sunshine would sure help:)

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