Wistful Wednesday: Soldiers

Soldiers..we had a few in my fathers family over the years.

My Paternal Grandparents had twelve sons, five who would serve in the Armed Forces.

My Grandmother must have been beside herself.. the worst news came in 1944  May 20 my Uncle Arthur died and was buried in Italy.  He was killed during the invasion of Italy. He was in the Army 1943 to 1944.


Arthur born in 1920 and died in 1944.

Twenty four years old..seems like so young to die.

Uncle Hugo

My Uncle Hugo served most of his time in Sicily during WW2 where he was wounded.  His left heel was shot off and he had numerous shrapnel wounds in his back near his spine. He was in the Army from 1942 to 1944. Some of that shrapnel remained embedded near his spine until his death in 1987.


My Dad was in Korea when I was born. He was in the Army from 1950 to 1952. Dad was wounded when a round hit his helmet..he didn’t want anyone back home to worry so he never put in for a Purple Heart..but we have photos of his bandaged head.


My Uncles Arnold and Andrew served almost at the same time.  Arnold was in the Navy from 1952 to 1956 mostly in Cuba, and Andrew was in the Army from 1953 to 1955 mostly in Hawaii.

This photo was taken when Arnold and Andrew came home for their Mother’s funeral in June of 1953.  She died of a massive heart attack.

I often wonder..Arnold enlisted in the Navy so that perhaps Andrew would be passed over for the draft. Andrew was a sickly child and teenager..frail..and his Mother worried about him.  ( I think that he was also one of her favorites.)  She died shortly after he was drafted, coincidence..maybe..maybe not.

Uncle Andrew on the left

Anyway..this is the photo I wanted to share today.  My Uncle Andrew on the left with one of his buddies.  Look how close to the White House they are…I bet they strolled through the grounds and probably went inside too.  President Eisenhower would have been in office then..a Military man.  The entire inside of the White House went through a renovation during the Truman years 1945 to 1953.  I can date this photo from 1953 to 1955 because of my Uncles time in service.

We should remember our soldiers not only on Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day.. but other days as well.

Lately the subject of women in the battlefields is being debated.  I say ask the women if they want to go to the front lines..if they want to go then let them..I am sick and tired of a bunch of men telling women what they can and cannot do:)

Update: There is some discussion , is this the White House or not..I have searched for photos of buildings with columns in between the windows to no avail..if it is not the White House what building is it? 

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5 Responses to Wistful Wednesday: Soldiers

  1. Katrina says:

    Such loving memories of family – my family is full of military, too, and the worry never seems to stop. Are you sure the last photo is at the White House? I think it may be another government building.

  2. kay syvrud says:

    I think Katrina is right about the building in that photo…not the White House….
    I can see 4 stories and huge windows. If you google a good photo of the White House you will see it only has 2 stories and the windows are more in the style of 17th century mansion type homes. I think you can see some good closeups of the WH on websites about the presidential residence.
    I just read the bio. of John Adams and he was the first to live in it when it was not even finished. John and Abigail had to “camp out” in bare damp (undried plaster) rooms with inadequate heat ( a few working fireplaces) and Abigail did her own laundry and hung it in what would become the magnificnt East Room.
    I was stunned to read what conditions Washington D.C. was in in its early days.
    What a change now!!!!! Nothing but elegance and pomp and all that stuff.

  3. kay syvrud says:

    P.S. on the WhiteHouse: I got curious and read a long article about the House….I am wrong wrong wrong….you can see 2 stories in most photos but the mansion has SIX STORIES…..there is a two story basement! Amazing! Most photos give the impression of the two above ground levels but you can see the lower level also in manjy photos. Now I am really curious and am going back to the article I began reading. It has such a fascinating history…burned in the war of 1812, rebuilt, added onto many times et al. I have never been there except to peer thru the massive steel fence when I went along on a band trip in 1985 (youngest son was in the band then)
    Your family photos are wonderful as always and the many uncles and relatives who served in the Military are a wonderful family history of patriostism and loyalty to our nation. You could do a book just on that!!!!!!
    I am eagerly waiting for the one on wild flowers by the way!!!!

  4. kay syvrud says:

    UFF DAH… I made so many typos I am embarassed!

  5. Katrina says:

    You set me to hunting for government building photos in Washington DC to old White House photos. This site shows White House before and after President Truman had it remodeled and reinforced, inside and out. It very closely resembles your photo but I don’t think they truly match.
    Might it be a county building or another state’s capitol? Hmm. It is a puzzler.

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