Losing my mind among other things

The last few days I have been working in the bedroom, cleaning out drawers and closets..recycling..if I have not worn it in a year..I might not need it.  If it has holes or stains it belongs in the garbage..if some socks are itchy and uncomfortable on your feet..splurge..buy new ones..or dig to the bottom of the drawer where you find some very fuzzy comfortable ones that you have not seen in a year or so. ( Jackpot!!)

Along the way..I found a stash of books..imagine that!  And two Christmas gifts that I did not give to the people they were bought for.. one is unmistakably my youngest daughters tiny gift and the other is a autographed book I purchased for my father.  I am not saving them until next year..they are on my desk and will be delivered.  “Stuff” hardly ever goes missing from my desk.

Far Guy lost his yahoo homepage on Google Chrome, it was an easy fix.   He also has that darn old Firefox..and he wants Yahoo News there ..Firefox and I have never gotten along.  It took some fancy doings but I finally got it all straightened out.  Somehow he picked a new search engine with a funny name..delta..and he was fit to be tied.  He doesn’t do change well.   delta is a browser-redirecting virus.  It was an add on I think..anyway it is gone..sayonara…hasta la vista baby.

I fought for two hours on the phone with Direct TV..we are losing our satellite signal in the living room..the bedroom TV signal is just fine.  The TV gets funny pixels and makes a chirping noise.    After two hours  of resetting and rebooting they have decided we need a 50 $ service call..I told them they were nuts that it is their equipment..we settled on a 25 $ service call on MONDAY..with a credit from service lost from now until then.  BUT I am looking at changing providers..we have that fiber optic cable nearby now.  We have had Direct TV for about 13 years now…and this is the first time we have had a problem with their service.   For the amount they charge us every month ..I think I deserve some fricking service.  The chirping noise will eventually drive you a little mad..and you will have to drag out some old VCR tapes that have six hours of movies taped on them.  I will most likely email their customer service department and complain.  Not that it will do any good…but I will feel better after I bitch at them awhile.

I had my teeth cleaned..good thing I didn’t lose anything there.  That ultrasonic blaster can be awfully painful sometimes..especially on my bottom teeth.

Jan 4 2013 The ditches are full of snow now..we will finally have some moisture come spring when it melts.  We still have a ways to go till spring..in three months spring should be here..not that I am counting or anything:)

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  1. kay syvrud says:

    LOSING THINGS IN A HOUSE: I am unable to find about 5 nice photos in frames of my granddaughters which I put somewhere when I decorated for Christmas.
    I am so frustrated I could scream.

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