Covered Bridges

Last fall when we went to Indiana. One of the things I wanted to photograph besides Tobacco Barns was a covered bridge.

On our way home.  We stopped at a rest stop in Illinois where they had tourist info.  The lady pointed us in the right direction but said we would have to walk across because no vehicles were allowed.

We found it in a park.

Lake of the Woods Covered Bridge

It was called The Lake of The Woods Covered Bridge.  We have a Lake of the Woods here in Minnesota you know..but no covered bridges as far as I know.

Far Guy and Chance

Far Guy and Chance stretched their legs.

Light at the end of the bridge

Just incase you wanted to see the light at the end of the bridge!

The lady at the tourist center was could drive through from both we did.

I will have to re-visit my photography bucket list someday soon.  I know I still want to photograph a baby buffalo and lightening…and  Northern Lights if I am really lucky:)

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2 Responses to Covered Bridges

  1. Try Parke County in mid-October. Rockville,IN is the center for the “Covered Bridge Festival”. Well worth the trip and the middle of the week helps beat some of the traffic.
    Rockville is almost due East of Champaign, IL.

  2. kay syvrud says:

    I need to so some research on why covered bridges were built in the first placr..thanks for triggering my curiosity.
    We saw old covered bridges in New England in our 2004 trip to New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. They exist in Iowa in places too….one county…Madison County is famous for them and for a novel written with the title THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY which was a best seller years ago. The novel was pretty smarmy in my opinoin and the author prostituted his writing to get a bit richer…his old essays were so eloquent the novel was a huge disappointment to many of his readers.

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