The Tall One

Some people were whispering loudly..”Who is that tall one?”  Someone answered “That is Noah.”

He is a head or two taller than most of his teammates.  He is six something..I say something because he is always growing.  His Mother is continually buying him new pants…I think she breathes a sigh of relief when it is summer and he wears shorts.

We won’t even talk about shoes.


He likes basketball.   I think with his reach ..perhaps boxing would be a good sport for him also.

What a reach

He plays a position called a post.  I know nothing of basketball..except I thought there were Guards and a there is a post??  They must have changed the names of the player positions in the past forty years.

I’ll say one thing for is much warmer than Hockey.

Noah and the basketball

He did get a shot at the basket.

Noah going for the shot

His team won their game!  He was tired after the game…and ate a really good supper..I heard he is eating two meals in the evening..supper 1 and supper 2.

It was fun to watch him play basketball.  Basketball season is almost over.  I am glad that the weather finally cooperated so we could travel to see a game:)

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  1. kay syvrud says:

    Noah must be in the grow- an- inch- a week- time of his life. It is fun to see your photos of him playing basketball. I agree about all the changes in BB…I don’tknow what the post is either….I only know centers, forwards and guards. I only see my one grandson play and do not attend other local games..I know NOBODY on the local team!!!
    (only what I read in the paper!!!)

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