Enough already.  I feel like there is a cloud over my head.

We are still enduring the TV saga or lack thereof..the snowstorm/blizzard has postponed the appointment until Wednesday.

Fridays mail was a real treat.  Why doesn’t anyone do their job?  Why must I call them on the freaking phone and point out their obvious errors.  Yes, both calls ended up with positive outcomes..but  I should not have had to waste my time in the first place.  One was a 200 dollar error and the other a 7 dollar error..I can’t even look at it that I saved 207 dollars..because it was an error that should never have happened.

My best advice to you dear readers is to keep all your insurance slips and double check them against your clinic bills…just don’t blindly pay the bill.  In fact I will go one step further and say go through all your bills with a fine tooth comb..looking at all the charges..and for you really elderly don’t pay something because it looks like a bill.   Magazine Companies will do that..it looks like a bill and unless you keep track of what magazines you get and when you paid for them..you could just extend your subscription to some distant time in the future when you might just be dead.

I got a reminder in the mail that I could save oodles if I renew my subscription now..when I checked it is good through August of 2014.  Buggers..they should really pay me anyway what with all the advertising there is in magazines nowadays.  I suggested to one company that they just put all the ads in one section of their magazine so it was easier for me to rip them out.

It is snowing here and has been since sometime Saturday evening.  The cloud cover is so heavy it looks like it is dark in the daytime.

snow on sunday Feb 10

Chance is less than thrilled about snow that he has to drag his belly through.

Chance Feb 10

He collects little round balls of snow on his belly and the snow packs in between the pads of his feet.

We are staying at home for the duration of this snowstorm that they named Orko.  Far Guy says it is possibly the most snow that we have ever had here. Last night my other baby brother stopped by and he reported 13 to 15 inches of the white stuff..and it was still snowing.

I like the moisture that the snow will bring come spring..but do we have to get it all at once?  Couldn’t it be spread out over a week or two:)

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  1. kay syvrud says:

    We he huge drifts here in our yard….I shuffled to the place I put finch food under the deck and hope the little birds will be filled for awhile. Cold weather and storms really hurts winter birds. I am trying to figure out how deep the snow is out tothe feeder by the spruce shelter belt in the yard. I don’t know where my old snowshoes are either.

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