Snow and More Snow

We spent most of yesterday morning moving snow.  So Chance could potty..and so we could get the vehicles out if need be and to feed the hoards of birds that were waiting in the trees.

IMG_5181 (2)

I am not much of a machinery person, but managed to spell Far Guy with the snow blower.  I handed him my shovel and said “Here lean on this for awhile.”  Good thing he is a great we sheared off a shear pin.  Luckily he had several replacements.


The snow stick is still out there..I think it is measuring about 20 inches of snow for a total..since I would have to wade out there..I am not sure.

Snowstick and wheel Feb 11

Perhaps I will shovel my way there tomorrow or the next day.  Yes, we will have a snow stick contest  again..I am working on a couple of cute bark carvings..more details will be forthcoming.

This storm brought in 14 1/2 inches of snow. The most snow we have had in one dump for quite a while.

Far Guy and Chance ventured to the mail box..Far Guy had to roll over the top of a four foot high snow bank to get to the road..and then there was no mail..

Chance on the way to the mailbox

They took my old camera with them.  Chance is wondering if they shouldn’t turn around.  Blazing a trail was not easy:)

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  1. kay syvrud says:

    We were snowbound but good yesterday with thigh high snow (on me) when I plowed my self out to bird feeder. I shoveled snow too but had to quit…will have to do it in small increments. There looks to be about 3 feet on the deck (drifted)
    The birds who feed are desperately waiting every day here.

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