Chance : Snow banks and a heart

Hiya!  It’s me Chance.  My turn..finally!

It snowed and we have some huge snow banks..I have to climb them so Far Side can get some pictures.

Blinded momentarily

Far Side said I was a turd..but some stray bit of sunlight momentarily blinded me.

THEN she wanted me higher up on the snow bank.

Hey Chance

There was a branch up there ready to poke my eye out.

Stop chewing on the tree

So I chewed it off.


How is this?  Whatdayamean my eyes are closed..I can see out of little tiny slits.

Chance being a turd

This is not the first time I posed on this snow bank.  Tuesday she needed pictures of my heart side. Didyaknow I have a heart side?

Feb 12 photo Chances Heart

I have a big, big heart can you see it right there on my shoulder?  Happy Valentines Day! :)

Chance yawning

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2 Responses to Chance : Snow banks and a heart

  1. Sharron says:

    Hiya Chance. Far Side is really tough on you when it comes to taking your picture, huh? But you’re so beautiful, and she’s so good with the camera that she wants only the best.

  2. kay syvrud says:

    Chance I love your big heart on your shoulder. You will always be MY VALENTINE every day..just reading your blogs lights up my day!
    Be nice to Farside….she loves you and mean well even if she makes you climb up those cold snowbanks without any booties..but you would probably take them off if you had them on anyway…you are not a Wimpdoggie one bit.

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