The old guy is getting older

It is someone’s birthday..born on a cold snowy February day..he just missed  being a valentine’s baby.

He is a special guy.  His friends must think so too.

Desoto at the diner two

A few weeks ago I was sworn to secrecy.  The birthday package arrived and was opened.

all part of the train layout

Some days “she” is at the Coca-Cola Diner.

Here she is at the drive in theater

Some days “she” is at the Drive –In Theater.

One day I was upstairs just looking around the train set..and turned some of the cars around that were facing backwards..Far Guy noticed right away that something was amuck.  Station Wagons always face backwards at the Drive-In movie least that is the rule we follow upstairs.

I think Floyd and Frank have outdone themselves in the gift giving department.  They must have many good memories of that old 1959 Desoto Explorer Station Wagon.  Just so you know there were only 704 of them made.  If you got to ride in one..or drive one you were pretty lucky.

Desoto 1959 jpg

This car was full of rice the day we got married.  I think we vacuumed up rice for two years.  She was Willow Green.  She had push button drive and a roof rack.  She could hold nine passengers comfortably.  She had one seat that faced the rear.  She had a 1948 Desoto hood ornament courtesy of Far Guys Dad..we still have that hood ornament upstairs.

I was with the day that the cop said she was doing 92 mph..we were talking and not paying much attention to the speed limit..the Judge took one look at the car and said “Do you suppose it was doing 70?”

I was there the day she needed a new transmission and it took a whole months paycheck to get her fixed.

I was there the day her oil light went on..and Far Guy was so bugged..I fixed it for him.  I wadded up a piece of my bubble gum and covered up the light so he wouldn’t feel so bad.

I don’t remember the day she was sold..but I am sure Far Guy remembers it well.

Lots of good memories are tied to that car.

The die cast model is a wonderful gift and addition to the train layout upstairs!  Far Guy has good friends!

Happy Birthday Far Guy:)

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  1. kay syvrud says:

    Happy Birthday Farguy..anyone who is born in the snowy days of winter in the northland….grows up being tough and resilient, right?

    (so what happened to me? the Wimpbaby of January?)

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