What’s on my desk: Cards

I make my own cards.

I take photos ..lots of photos.  I decide on the photos to be printed..usually at Wally World.

I am a regular at the local five and dime, because I like to have one fine collection of papers to choose from.  Colors of every hue.

I coordinate the photos with the papers.

Start with photo and then matthem

I have several paper cutters.. A large one and a small one.

Tools needed to make cards

And double sided tape..I use Creative Memories tape runners.  They have improved their design from the worthless design they had a few years ago.  The new design is a breakthrough..simple and easy to use. Finished cards

I have four different card and envelope colors I work with..white, ivory, a heavy cream color and my new favorite a recycled brown paper color.

This is my second round of making cards this winter.  I still have to make more sympathy cards.  I have several people who I write to  at least once a month..so I go through cards at a pretty good pace.

Sometimes I make fancy corners..I have several different punches that I can use, but for the most part I like them plain.

I like to play with paper.  Making my own cards is a good excuse to have some play time.

I like to have a good stash of cards on hand all the time.  They are blank inside, so I can write something personal that fits the occasion.

My cards cost about a dollar each to produce.  That is still much cheaper than a card you can buy in the store.  I often give them away as gifts or for silent auctions for fundraisers…I have cellophane envelopes that I can put them in to keep them clean, I can bundle them up with a piece of ribbon and viola..I have an instant gift! :)

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3 Responses to What’s on my desk: Cards

  1. kay syvrud says:

    Your never- ending talents are amazing!

  2. Isobel Fields says:

    Lovely ideas. I have lots of scrapbooking supplies, a digital camera and a wonderful color printer. What wonderful ideas you have given me. Thanks

  3. Sharron says:

    You and Far Guy are meant for each other….you both are so talented.

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