Saturday was the VEX Robotics Tournament in Northern Minnesota.  Son In Law Andy is a Robotics Instructor.

Students ages 12 and up build robots and compete against each other.  Noah is on a team, Adam is not quite old enough yet. (He served as a volunteer.)

Competition area

There are two competition there is no waiting between matches.

The kids build their own robots and tweak them during the competition after their turns…at the end of the day they should have some of the kinks worked out.


The competition this year was called Sack Attack.  The sacks had to be picked up and put in the troughs, high goal or floor goal to score points.  The yellow sacks were worth the most points.

“The robotic competition provides young people the opportunity to experience the power, excitement and fun of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in an affordable, accessible and sustainable way.”

I saw team interaction, family support..and lots of kids having a blast!  It is a wonderful activity for kids during the winter:)

Kickin some bots

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  1. kay syvrud says:

    I think that the robotics competition is an excellent thing for students. They have to think things through and create a robot to do the task. It is highly motivational for students with scientific and mathematical skills. It is truly APPLIED education.

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