I am working on Far Guys family history( his paternal history)..and I have had many questions along the way.  When I run into questions I just make notes and hope to return again someday to answer those questions.

The other day I was straightening up.  I  tend to spread “stuff” all around when I am working on a project.  There was a manila envelope I had shuffled from here to there.  I finally looked at it.  I marked it..years ago.   Marge gave it to me.   I “think” she gave it to me in 2002 or 2003..ten years ago.  CRS at it’s best.

Secrets are safe

The envelope held the answers to many of my questions and much more.  I was finally able to identify everyone in an old family photo!  That may not sound like much to you..but if you are a Virgo like me..we like to have everything all tidy and in it’s proper place.

If and when I remember what I have and where I put it.

Now I will stop my research and go back and tidy up all the loose ends.  Back pedaling for sure..I wanted to have this project behind me by March 1st.  I still have hopes that I will make it.

CRS..have you figured that out yet?  Can’t remember shit stuff:)

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  1. kay syvrud says:

    I did not know what CRS meant but now I do and I have a case of it also. I don’t think it gets better either at my age.

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