Chance: Far Side Bakes

Hiya it is me Chance!

Far Side baked for me.  She was sick and tired and tired and sick of dog treats and not knowing what was in them.  Some of the dog treats in a local big box store killed a dog across the lake..those treats came from China.

My homemade treats have pumpkin, molasses, cinnamon, flour..and some baking powder, soda, water and a bit of vegetable oil.  Easy peasy..they were supposed to be like cookie dough and you could roll them out in cutesy little shapes..Far Side bought a special cookie cutter in the shape of an apple. Well that didn’t happen.

She tried to look up her recipe to double check the ingredients..couldn’t find it so she went with what she had.

Far Side is not much of a baker..or a cook either for that matter..but she cooks better than she bakes.  She cooks vegetables real good..they are my favorite..and she shares with me every night.

The baking project went downhill after she spilled a whole bunch of flour on the counter and the floor. I think she might have said “Bad word, bad word.”  Far Guy came to the that time she had the mixer mixing at ninety miles an hour..she lifted the mixer up at tad too much.. and ..well Far Guy got dough splattered all over him…most landed on his head as he was cleaning up the flour from the floor.  He said “I felt something damp hit my head, was that from you?”  Well she couldn’t deny it.

The dough looked sad..too bad there is no photo..she was DISGUSTED..she spent another half an hour looking for the non existent recipe I think she dreamt up.

It looked like mushy cookie she test baked a batch..she dropped the mushy stuff by spoonful on parchment paper…and baked them.

She said “AW heck” and then baked the whole batch.

After they cooled..we taste tested them..I really like them!  Far Side tried one too..Far Guy made a funny face, he couldn’t believe that she was going to taste it..she said “It tastes like flour.”

They don’t look real fact they kinda look like little hills of swirly dog poop.  I have lots of experience in the dog poop category.  I guess you could say I am an expert.


My homemade treats taste DELICIOUS! :)

Chance Feb 17

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4 Responses to Chance: Far Side Bakes

  1. Dale says:

    Sometimes in good that pets are good friends and show unconditional love. Chance and you two are a good team.

  2. Katrina says:

    Next time you really want to find a recipe you think you lost, head for the internet! I like

  3. kay syvrud says:

    Those treats look like scones…..I would have tasted one for sure with the ingredients in them! Did Chance enjoy them or is he waiting for his vegetables?

  4. Deb Hegdahl says:

    I have a couple recipes for dog treats. I’ll look them up & post them. I really should be making them myself. Our dogs loved them when I tried the recipes.

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