February is flying by

It seems the harder I try to catch up the behinder I get.

Trying to catch up

We have been trying to do the important things.  Catching up with friends that we have not seen in awhile.  Doing the taxes..whew I am glad that they are off my desk and at the accountants.  Shopping for difficult to find items..with success finally…it shouldn’t have been a big deal..just needed a new rug for the dining room..and one that was not cream or off white.  I would have loved a red area rug..but settled for country blue.  Hey it was way better than the off white…I asked Far Guy “Can you see that in the dining room?”  His answer was “Heck no.” We agreed, and settled for blue.

Left in the dust

SLOWLY things are being marked off the list.  Very slowly.

Sometimes I feel like the turkeys along the roadways..they are searching for sand/dirt/small rocks for their gizzards so their food can be broken up ..and then a way to escape the deep snow…so they run as fast as their little legs can carry them.

Some of the snow has a crust and they can walk on top..and sometimes they just break through and have to trudge through the snow or fly.

Turkeys in the snow

So far I am just trudging through..one day one project at a time:)

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