Finding Treasures

I really should stay out of that trunk upstairs.  It holds some real family treasures. I can wile away the better part of an afternoon looking through “old stuff.”  I found a note that Far Guys Grandpa wrote in 1913..on the back of their engagement photo.  I found some more old photos and scanned them.   I knew the trunk held some photos that I could include with the family history.  Everything seems to come alive when you have a photo…or a hand written note.

Back of engagement photo

Jim and Tracie 1913

July 4th

This was right after noon, when we got them and showed them to each other.  Tracie said OH My Gosh, then we had a good laugh about it.  Our engagement rings.

The note says more than the very serious photo.  I can see that Grandpa is smiling with his eyes. James X Henderson  and Tracie Stuve engagement photo

The exposure times were too long for people to smile in a photo.  Many people could not hold a smile for the extended exposure time and the photo would be blurry.  Plus that having your photo taken was a serious didn’t happen everyday of the week.

I think I have everything to finish up this phase of my project!!  The end might be in sight. I am sure Cousin Bonnie will be relieved to get most of her “stuff” back.

Grandpa left behind Farm Diaries from 1916 to 1929.  Thirteen Years of mostly farm records…when he planted, when he butchered what he took to town to sell and sometimes who visited.  I do not have time to do it this winter.  I have not read all the entries…he made an entry just about everyday for 13 years.  They are written in pencil..I may try scanning them…and see how they look.  I may have to keep them just a tad bit longer if I transcribe them all.

1965 Tracie and james X henderson

Tracie and Jim ( Far Guy’s Grandparents)

I found this very nice photo upstairs in the trunk taken in about 1965.

I have asked Far Guy’s Uncle to come out and help identify some of the old photographs, although I am getting  most of them identified.

We heard a cute story about him the other day.

Someone was upset with him, he wasn’t moving his potato truck fast enough for one of the lady truck drivers..she was very upset and reading him the riot act.  He gazed at her calmly and said “Talk to me sweet lips.”  :)

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  1. kay syvrud says:

    Gramma Tracie is wearing a hat….how nice to see old formal ways of going out to church or a wedding etc. I loved the comment “Talk to me Sweet Lips” It brought back a very funny memory of something from a James Herriot book and a chapter about Cedric a huge Boxer who had a ……flatus problem….(trying not to say farting)
    But one time when the dog let out a big blast in front of Herriot’s partner Tristan Farnon, Tristan quoted Shakespeare: “Speak on, Sweet Lips that never told a lie”
    I collapsed with laughter and have remembered it after many years.

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