Can you guess?

Sunday afternoon we had a date. Can you guess what this is?

Hint One

How about now?  We took Chance along..he had a grand time.

Hint two

Will this help?

Hint three

Yes, we were outside in the snow.  It was a beautiful day..30 something degrees! Almost spring like.

Hint four

I am sure you must have guessed by now.

Hubbard Sleigh Festival

This sleigh is a “Cutter” or speeding sleigh.  I would have called it a one horse open sleigh!

We went to the Hubbard Prairie Sleigh Festival and Parade in the itty bitty berg of Hubbard Minnesota.   Hubbard  should have been the County Seat..years ago towns/villages had to pay if they wanted the railroad to come through their town in Minnesota. The village of Hubbard refused to the railroad went through Park Rapids instead.  As you may know..railroads and rail travel were what brought goods to your town..and people.  If the railroad missed your town..well you might as well give up.   Park Rapids was made the county seat.  Hubbard was quite a town in it’s day..situated on the edge of the first prairie and named after Lucius Hubbard the distinguished Governor of Minnesota from 1882 to 1887.  Hubbard is a village in the township of Hubbard also in Hubbard County..that is the county where I am the Director of the Historical Museum:)

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