Sleigh Parade

Only the side streets in Hubbard had snow.  People shoveled snow across the main highway so that the sleighs could go across.

Cream Can Sleigh

Cream Can Sleigh

Missmatched team pulling a box sleigh

A miss-matched team

Box Sleigh

Pulling a box sleigh

little horse pulling a boat style sled

A little horse pulling a little flat bottomed boat sleigh

Lille guy  was a little stubborn

This little guy was a tad stubborn..he really wasn’t in the parade mode.  You can see that his “sleigh” is a modified cart.


I thought this set of mules was beautiful.  With their red and green halters and sleigh..they may have been in a Christmas Parade a time or two.Team on Main street giving rides

This was the team giving rides on main street.  Notice the wheels.  Yes, we could have gone for a ride, but we had Chance with us.  This team went by and Chance barked at them..the horses just plodded along ignoring him.  The next time the team came by..Chance was quiet…and just watched them.

We scouted out the area and found the sleigh staging area..that is where I will take photos next year.  We looked for the Trappers Encampment but didn’t find it..maybe next year:)

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