Day Trip

We got up early on Wednesday..checked the weather and headed on over to Duluth.  We were gone just 12 hours. It is a four hour drive one way.

The last time we were there for train shopping and a bit of antique shopping Far Guy took ill.  Since then he has wanted to return. Yesterday was the day.

Next to Curly’s Bar is the Train Shop.  It is a way cool place..I walked Chance down the is in an old part of Duluth..I am not sure how safe that part of town is. But it was daylight and I had a dog!  He wouldn’t hurt a fly..but no one would know that!

The roads were good and the temperatures were in the 30’s.  EXCEPT near Lake Superior.  Those Duluthians are a tough bunch.  The wind coming off of the ice was bitterly cold.

Canal Park

There was plenty of room to sit a spell at Canal Park.  Not many tourists were around.  As I was walking back to the car I met a Grandma and her Grandson all bundled up with scarves covering their faces and necks..only their eyes were showing.. I said “Hello….chilly day in Duluth! “  She replied.. “This is a warm day!”

Cold day in canal park

The lighthouse in Canal Park is one of my favorite places to visit. I was there last fall when it was a tad warmer.

The antique mall was great..we enjoyed several hours just walking around.  I found a few  many  lots of old photos to add to my collection..and Far Guy found some “stuff” for his train set.

It was a fun day..and a lovely break from our winter routine:)

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