Party on the lake

Last Sunday was the local Fishing Derby.  The annual party on the lake..everyone gathers, visits, fishes and has lunch.  There are lots of prizes.  Usually we go and have lunch.

Party on the lake

Yes, this is a lake.  A very frozen ice and snow covered lake.  Since the last snowstorm  dumped lots of snow..the trails out on the lake are not so great.  Many of the trails were narrow and flooded with water..especially after the holes for fishing were drilled. We could have parked and walked, my snow boots are warm but not waterproof…many of the trails looked icy.

We drove by a family of fisherman..they were obviously cheering their Mom on… and waiting for her to catch a fish.  She seemed really focused on the task at hand.

Cousin Lynne Fishing I hope she caught something!

It is too bad when there are so many things going on in the same day.  The Sleigh Festival in Hubbard is always the last Sunday in February and so is the Fishing Derby.  It was a beautiful day for both events.

Our weather has moderated..with highs in the 30’s  during the day ( that is –1C) ..seems almost spring like especially on sunny days.  It gets dark about 6 o’clock at night now..we have daylight for eleven hours now! :)

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