Nice Day and a Movie

We had a really nice winter day.  We played outside moving snow here and there.  I finally made it to the snow stick.

The snow was above my boots.

14 inches of snow

After it has all settled and some has melted we still have 14 inches of snow at the stick.


The funny looking snow in the foreground was all snow that slid of the roof.  Chance just hates it when the snow slides off the roof…one time when he was just a pup he got buried in one of the avalanches that came off the roof and Far Guy had to rescue him.

The Grand boys are here visiting.

Adam wanted to go to the he and I went.  The sidewalk was really icy..I told Adam we had to be careful not to break a hip.  He said “I have never broken my hip, only my arm and that was bad enough.”  I said “Grandma is worried about her hip not lets walk slow together.”  He even offered me his arm! We saw Jack The Giant Slayer..which is very much like Jack and the Beans Stalk..complete with beans.  It is a 3 D Movie. We got the largest popcorn they had because Adam says a movie without popcorn really isn’t a movie at all.  Adam wanted to sit right in the front row so we did.  During one of the previews I said “Adam did you know Grandma is afraid of heights?”  (The preview had someone leaning over a mountainside.)  He had no sympathy for me..but shared “I am afraid of heights too.”

The movie was very loud..even for my old ears. I am sure I missed some parts of the movie..especially the ones where they were on the stalk and people were falling..and when the 3D bee headed for me I am sure I closed my eyes and cringed. I hope they disinfect those glasses after every use.  The last 3D movie I was to we had the cardboard take home special 3D  glasses.

Adam and I had quite a talk on the way home from the movie. Twenty minutes one on one can give you a good idea what is on his mind. Adam shared that in Health he learned what a diaphragm was and how it helps you to breathe.  He wrote a report about former President G.W. Bush.  Adam said Pres. Bush ran a marathon..but Adam didn’t know what a marathon was…so I explained it was a long race.  When Adam was in First Grade Kelby spit in his eye..and the other day Kelby tried to snap his neck during recess. We are still discussing that situation and how best to deal with bullies… being a bully is not okay. A teacher was present but did nothing.  I suppose the teacher viewed it as horseplay by active boys.  School sure has changed since I was eleven and in grade school:(

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