Saturday at Grandma and Grandpas

The boys are a real handful..they didn’t wake up til almost noon.  They are so quiet you hardly know that they are in the house..except for an occasional can I have a ..fill in the blank..something to eat or drink.  Our house was never this quiet when our girls were teenagers.

I made them go outside with me get some fresh air and throw the ball for the dogs.


They are happy well adjusted boys..and will usually do everything I ask them too.


Little Elvis, Miney and Chance waiting on Noah to throw the ball.

They are fussy eaters..still yet most likely forever. Adam likes spaetzle (German Noodles) at the moment and Noah likes pizza. I did get some milk down them at lunch in the form of a Chocolate Malt.  Even if they are fussy eaters they help at mealtime, they set the table and help with dishes..their Mother has taught them well:)

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