Monday March 4, 2013

Another winter storm with a wide range of snowfall predictions is headed our way.  I think they named this one is supposed to bring us somewhere between 8 and 12 inches of snow.  We will see.

March can be a fickle month.  The sun was shining on Sunday, slowly moving the snow off of my garage.  We have been watching this snow shelf for days. Snow shelf on my garage

It finally fell off late in the afternoon.  The skies turned darker as the clouds moved in.

The road home March 3

Ready or not..and yes we are ready..the storm will head in early Monday and might be over sometime on Tuesday…maybe.  The roads have been in great driving conditions even if the ditches are full of snow.

I am thankful for whatever moisture we will get.

I just finished a historical novel that talked about the dry years in the 1930’s when the dust storms would come out of nowhere and the dust would pile up as high as the fence posts.  Linda Winter-Hodgeson wrote Two Groves Of Trees  a family history novel that took place near Wheaton Minnesota.  It was a great read:)

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