Lazy Winter Day

It snowed some..not the 8 to 12 inches they predicted at least not yet.

Snow on Monday

Chance doesn’t like it when the trees move.  Wind is not his friend..sticks blow out of the trees…he likes company on his trips outside when it is windy.  He needed several naps did I. He and I were good napping buddies…we had a real lazy day.

Chance out in the snow March 4

The squirrels kept knocking the thermometer off the tree so Far Guy hung it on the bench.  That is the bench on the patio where I sit to take photos of the birds at the feeders.

The Turkeys have not been here for a number of days..they must be hunkered down near a corn field someplace.  The Red Polls are still here but not in the numbers that they were earlier. The normal Chickadees, Nuthatches and Downy Woodpeckers stay year round.  The Pileated Woodpecker has been back and the Red-bellied Woodpecker is still scared of me..but someday I will get a photo of him.

The squirrels were really hungry yesterday. They come into the yard tree by tree, and leave quickly tree by tree when Chance is outside. We have one black squirrel.  The other squirrels pick on him/her sometimes and chase him/her off.

Black Squirrel March 4

I took this photo through the kitchen window:)

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