Wistful Wednesday: Grandparents Y

Somehow my paternal grandparents met. Their families lived a mile or so apart. There was no story to pass down. (Perhaps when my Grandmother arrived from Michigan when she was 21 years old, she had her eye out for a handsome young man…) They attended different churches, and didn’t believe in dancing..so perhaps they met at some community function. Grandma was an older woman..she was 22 and Grandpa was 20 when they got married August 2, 1911.

When I asked my Aunt Anna how she thought they met, she said that such things were never talked about.


Grandma and Grandpa Y when they got married

Grandma was a midwife, she helped to deliver many babies. I often wonder who midwifed for the midwife?  Grandpa was a logger during the winter and a farmer during the spring, summer and fall.

They were the parents of 14 children.  Wilbert, Hugo, Jalmer, Ervin, John Oscar, Arthur, Adolf, George, Einer, Elmer Jacob, Marie, Rudolph Andrew, Arnold and Anna.  12 boys and 2 girls.  Einer died when he was just a few months old.

Granma and Grandpa Y Anniversary

This was their 30th Wedding Anniversary photo in 1941.

The same day a family photo was taken.

1941 Family Photo Yliniemi

Somewhere I have a list identifying everyone in this photo.


Grandma and Grandpa about 1950.

I love that he threw his hat to the ground for the photo and was there cream in that cream can?

I cannot tell you any stories about them together.  I can only imagine that they must have loved each other, they were married for 42 years.  My Grandmother died in 1953 when I was just 21 months old.  I have socks that she knit for me to keep me warm.

My Knit socks from Grandma Y

I keep them upstairs in an old cookie jar with a note:)

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