Spring Cleaning

It is that time of year…clean some things out and straighten them up so your obsessive compulsive self can have a few weeks off before returning to work on May 1st.

I am slowly making headway on “the list.”  I have lots of unfinished projects..too many. I should learn to say no.  Some things will not get done… they will wait until Fall and go back on the “list.”


One of the projects in the works is super cleaning the grout in-between the tiles on the lower level of our home.  Far Guy has been helping..you use a toothbrush…need I say more?  It is tedious.  The grout after it is dry is resealed for another 4 or 5 years.  The next time it needs to be done I will be older..I hope I can still crawl around on the floor then.  The grout is beige..originally it was supposed to be Hershey Bar Chocolate brown, but that color was backordered.  So beige it is and it is beautiful when it is clean.  We have about 800 square feet of tile and we are half done..and my arms are getting sore. I love my tile except when it comes to cleaning the grout.  The house in Harwood North Dakota had beige tile with Hershey Bar Chocolate colored grout..sometimes I miss the floors in that house…and the lake when it isn’t flooding and the fenced in dog yard and doggie doors…and the neighbors..but I digress.

Betcha didn’t know that I laid all the tile here in the house.  Far Guy and Chance were the tile layer’s assistants.  I read a bunch of books..and figured I could do it..and so I did. The proper tools are essential, a couple of levels, a great trowel and a good mud maker/tile cutter (Far Guy).  It took us the better part of a month from start to finish..because you have to wait for things to dry out before you can grout..and then that grout has to cure a bit before it is sealed. It was a huge project, but well worth the time invested versus hiring a professional.


We are supposed to get some weather again..a wintery mix..which could mean freezing rain or snow Friday night and Saturday..lately these storms seem to be an every weekend kind of occurrence.IMG_0841

A beautiful yellow Pansy will chase the winter doldrums away:)

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7 Responses to Spring Cleaning

  1. Chuck says:

    My grandfather planted a quarter acre of Pansys in his yard every year. Every color they grew in. That was 60 yrs and 2000 miles ago, but I think of him when I see a Pansy. Thank you for that thought this morning. :-)

    • farside says:

      Hi Chuck, You are welcome! You have some marvelous photographs over at your site..I was impressed:)

  2. Adele in Minn. says:

    Grout cleaning…you might try a power toothbrush or a Dremel tool, still lots of work, but easier on the muscles!

  3. Robin Reitmeier says:

    What kind of cleanser do you use on the grout? What kind of sealer? I have some dirty grout in my house, too………

    • farside says:

      Hi Robin, I am using a product called The Professionals Choice Grout and Tile Cleaner you can mix it different strengths and the same brand Impregnator Sealer. I got them at Menards. So far I am pleased with the results:)

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