March 13 2013

The gremlin in my computer reared his ugly hear again.  I finally surrendered and took him and my desk top to the repair shop.  It has been giving me fits when it had updates where it had to restart. System restore didn’t work this time from any of the recent restore points and system recovery was the pits.  So I gave up.

I have most everything backed up.  My photos are on the Simple Saves.  Some of the files on the Simple Saves are duplicates..I will get it all straightened out sooner or later. It is discouraging..but not devastating.

I will struggle along with the laptop until my desk top is fixed. Some people like laptops..not me. I have one for it’s portability when we travel and as a backup.

I am still exhausted from the time change.

We finished with the cleaning of the grout..yeah!  Cross something off the list!!

It is supposed to snow again…bet you wish you lived in Minnesnowda!

The March Flag

This is my flag for other little garden flag is totally buried by the snow:)

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