St Urho’s Day

The parade is today.  I am hoping to get some good photos.  Last year it was 60 degrees F this year it might get to 15 degrees F…that converts to –9C..balmy.  It snowed and snowed we hope the roads are clear by parade time.

If you haven’t heard of St. Urho before you must have been living under a rock.  He chased the pesky grasshopper out of Finland and saved the grapes.  Finns all over the state of Minnesnowda celebrate the 16 of March!

Now for the St. Urho’s Day Poem

Ooksie kooksie kollme vee
Santia Urho is the boy for me
He chase out the hopper as big as pirds
Never before have I heard those words
He really told those bugs of green
Bravest Finn I ever seen
Some celebrate for St. Pat and his snake
But that Urho boy got what it takes
He got tall and strong on feelia sour
And ate Kalla Mojakkaa every hour
Thats why that guy dould chase those beetles
That crew as thick as jack pine needles
So let’s give a cheer
in our very best way
On the sixteenth of March
St. Urho’s Day!


The parade last year..2012.

The cutest grasshopper

One of those pesky grasshoppers!

It snowed all day yesterday, morning, afternoon and night.


This is the view out the Living Room Window.  The snow keeps sliding off the roof and falls right in front of the window.   It makes you feel like you live in a snow cave.  It is surprising how much light can get through a snow bank:)

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  1. Shirley Mauriala says:

    Kiitos–enjoyed it!

  2. Shirley Mauriala says:

    In what town was the parade?

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