St. Urho’s Day Parade

It snowed another five inches plus.  The snow on the highway was melting.  We followed a snowplow and a long line of traffic to the parade.  The little village of Menahga had snow down the center of their streets. Their snowplow guy might have been in the parade.

The parade was a little late getting started.  Musta been on Finn time:)

Here comes the parade

The Finnish Flag Bearer

Right behind the Police car is the Finnish Flag Bearer.

Banner carriers

The flag and banner carriers holler “Happy St. Urho’s Day!”

St Urho royalty

The Royalty!

Royal Order of weekend Finlanders

The Royal Order Of Weekend Finlanders were there again!

The Nytes making sure the kids have candy

The Nytes of St Urho seeing that all the kids have candy.  Yes, one Nyte has Sponge Bob Square Pants Underwear on!

Nytes of St urho Flag carrier

A young Nyte flag bearer.  The older Nytes seem to be recruiting quite a few kids..what fun for them!

The grasshoppers were escorted out of town in grand style.  The grapes will be safe another year!

It was a wonderful little lasted all of 7 or 8 minutes.  Chance watched it  from the curb,  he was a real good boy and didn’t bark at the horses..he just watched them:)

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  1. Chuck says:

    Good for Chance :-)

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