Spring is postponed

Winter Snow has postponed Spring.  Way below zero weather and sub zero wind chills have postponed spring.  Who would want to show up anyway?  What a greeting.

My feeble attempt at Spring decorating was covered in snow.

Spring has been cancelled

It began snowing on Sunday.  It snowed all night..then the wind came up. It wasn’t fit for man or beast.  Monday afternoon the sun tried to shine through the blizzard.  Chance and I went out and wandered around.

The fence is completely coverd.

Only the tops of the fence posts are visible toward the center of the photo..the railings have disappeared.

Here is the snow stick.  Good thing I have a zoom on my camera.

31 and a half inches of snow at the snow stick

I have to stand on my tippy toes to peek over the snow bank to get the photo.  We have 31 1/2 inches at the snow stick.  More in other places..where the wind blows the snow and where it slides off the roof.


I wonder if that steel wagon wheel will be covered up before it is over.  I wonder if the snow stick will completely disappear.

I got my computer back.  It was wiped clean, I still don’t have all of my programs loaded yet.  Luckily I have simple saves for my photo backups.  I do a double back up and had it on my list..I usually save to disk. So I need to catch up with that..it is still on the list.  I also use drop box..it works great between me and the museum…I can access info when ever I need it.

I am still working on “Winter House Cleaning”  I would call it Spring House Cleaning ..but I am being realistic:)

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