Wistful Wednesday :1952

This is an old photograph from April of 1952.  We were probably gathered for Hilda’s first birthday.

April 1952

My Mom, me, my cousins Hilda and Geraldine and My Grandma Y holding Gloria.  Gloria was a cousin of Hilda and Geraldines.  I think this was taken at Hilda and Geraldine’s home place, their parents were my Uncle Ervin and Aunt Violet.  Geraldine is trying really hard to hold onto her little sister.

Aunt Violet probably took the photo..or maybe my Dad.  I can see the flash of the flash attachment of the little Brownie camera that was my Mothers.

Hilda, Gloria and I are about the same age give or take a few months.  I was always scared of Hilda because she would bite me and leave those terrible teeth marks on my arms.  I am sure I never bit back.

Sometimes on Saturday nights we would go for sauna at Uncle Ervin and Aunt Violets.  They had a sauna in their basement.  It was under the basement stairs.  I cannot remember what else was down there..but I can sure see the stairs and the sauna.  Having a sauna indoors was a real treat.  Most saunas are outdoors..in the winter it can be an invigorating walk back to the house:)

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