Spring is lost

Spring must have gotten lost.  It is lollygagging around down south or out west and forgot about us here in Minnesnowda.

Chance looked for Spring.  I told him it was here.

Looking for spring

He looked really hard out into the woods..he couldn’t spot Spring either..maybe it is stuck in a snow bank someplace.

Looking for stpring in the feeders

Perhaps the little hungry birds have found Spring?  Nope nothing but bird seed in that feeder.

The snowplow wiped out our mailbox.  Chance and Far Guy were very nervous..mail is their “thing.”  They were really worried.  They finally came up with a plan to use the same post as our neighbor..somehow their mail box survived.  It was unbelievable..we have had our mailbox on one of those swing away arms that swivels..when it was sheared off of it’s base 3 feet away from the road.  That snow plow driver should be fired.  He pushed snow way off the road..he practically had to drive in the ditch.  Forget about using the snow banks as visual markers for where the road is..you will end up in the ditch..he is an idiot.

I know Spring saw the stop sign and stopped.

March 19 blowing snow I wonder what Spring will do when the sign gets covered up.  Maybe then she will arrive:)

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  1. carol says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your post of today! Thanks for making my day a little brighter!

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