Busy week

One more week left in this miserable month of snow and cold.  It seems like the weather forecasters completely miss how cold it is every morning.  They predict –7F  (-21C)and it goes to –24F (-31C).  We are supposed to be done with that bitter cold now..we will see.


It was a busy week.  I made some headway with my “Winter Cleaning.”  I wanted to be all done by Easter but that probably won’t happen.  I finished up the downstairs bathroom, bedroom and living room…all had been in various stages of cleaning and are now done.  Onto the laundry/furnace room and the kitchen/dining room.  Sometimes I start with one project and get way laid for days in some other more fun direction.

I spent a day in my photo backup system deleting copies of photos.  I should spend another day in there deleting some photos..with my new big girl camera more space is need per photo.  Who needs six different views of Chance in the same snow bank anyway..keep the best one and delete the rest.  (You know how hard that is?)  I am not so good at editing.

Whilst cleaning out the bathroom..I took inventory of my makeup.  I only wear make up on special days and to work.  What a bunch of  junk I had..so I made a list and purchased what I needed..one small bag and $50  later I still need some lip gloss and hypoallergenic mascara.  As I was tossing things in my shopping cart..I thought..self you should really replace some of this crap every few months and then you wouldn’t have to spend so much time in the make up aisle.  Far Guy came to check on me twice to make sure I was okay, one time he pretended he needed me to answer a highly technical toilet bowl cleaner question…bleach or not..clinging gel or regular? ( I gave him the other shopping list that didn’t include makeup.)  It was good for him to have the other list..it was a learning experience.  He knows I am fussy about some things..toilet bowl cleaner not so much.

I ordered some new shoes for work.  Two new pairs of Crocs..one pair black with a sling back which might be real sexy if I didn’t have winter dry heels that feel like sandpaper.  The other pair is a red Mary Jane type..oh I love a red shoe they are one of my weaknesses.

I need to think about some new work clothes soon..a red sweater is on my list..and most likely a couple of red tops..to go with all the red shoes:)

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