Seen in Minnesnowda

Perhaps some of the white stuff will melt now..the worm has turned and it got up to nearly 30 degrees yesterday.  Uffda..shirt sleeve weather.

If you need a job and are not afraid of heights practically everyone needs their roof shoveled off.

Minnesoda Winter jobs

There is nothing happening at the Cemetery ..if you croak you are most likely going into cold storage. Most of the headstones are covered.

Grave yard

The fence has disappeared in some spots. Only the top of the posts are visible.

Posts on the fence at the graveyard


Our mail box. The mailbox

It was half shoveled out one day after the repair and then the wind blew and the snow plow never showed up to clear the snow or knock over the mail box again.

Friday Far Guy decided we had to shovel it clear.  The mail was not being delivered.

It was a monstrous snow bank.  Our west driveway is in that snow bank someplace..good thing we have another driveway to use during the winter.  This is not the first time we have abandoned that drive during the winter.  The wind blows the snow off the fields and sucks it right down our lane.  IMG_0423

That packed snow was heavy. Far Guy and I were both tired of shoveling when Josh and Missy stopped to help the elderly. Now the mail man can deliver.

Yesterday Far Guy and Chance were happy.  They had a whole sack full of mail:)

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