March 26 1954

March 26  1954 was a day that changed my world forever.  Life would never be the same again.  I was no longer the “only child” I wasn’t the baby anymore. My spot had been taken..just like that  things changed. The world did not center around me.  From then on times would be tough, I would have to learn how to share both of my parents..and most difficult of all I would have to learn how to be a big sister.  Of course I would have to find new ways to get attention..holding my breath and then throwing myself on the floor until I turned blue worked for a very long time.

A girl and a boy..perfect.  My brother was always my Mother’s favorite.  I think because he was a colicky sick baby that cried ALL the time.  Anyways that would make me my Dad’s favorite so that wasn’t all bad, my Dad would take me places and the baby and my Mom would stay at home..perfect.

“Be careful of your brother”..I must have heard that a million times..”Be nice to your brother”  “Don’t do that to your brother.”  “Connie Joy!!” I was only 2 1/2 years old..and he was like a big doll. ( I never liked dolls very much…but real live babies were another story.)

Now I am old..and he is getting older.  Happy Birthday to my baby brother!

Carey and Connie Summer 1954  Summer of 1954 my baby brother and me.

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