Spring Break

Some of the area high schools are on spring break.  Some of the grand girls were home from school yesterday.  Grandpa needed to see them..so off we went.

Maddie is resting up during spring break.  She had Mono and it is taking her a long time to recover.  She is really tired.  This week is better at least she can swallow and is not crying.

Maddie and Ziggy

Maddie and Ziggy

Savannah and Luna

Savannah and Luna

Someone had a video project at school.  They decided to video cats getting baths.

Paige was not real happy that someone bathed her cat without her permission. All the cats looked wonderful after their baths!

Paige was in school..her school was not having spring break.

Savannah and Skittles

Savannah and Skittles.  Skittles is Paige’s cat.

I would have gotten a photo of Bailey..but as soon as I saw her I made a hissing noise and off she went to hide.  When she lived here with us..I sprayed her with the water bottle every time she tried to jump on the table..as I sprayed the water at her I made a hissing noise.. cats never forget.  I am not on Bailey’s list of favorites.

Chance watches all the cats..sometimes they hiss at him..if they would run he would chase them.  He loves the grand girls and had a fun time visiting them..his tail wags ninety miles an hour:)

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