Sunset Colors

I needed to see the beautiful pinks and blues of a beautiful sunset…and relax.  What a week.  It seems like all I did all week was squish problems before they got out of hand and go to appointments. AND the week is not over yet.  I had to have one of my three hour stress naps yesterday.  I get stressed and I get so sleepy I cannot function.

Sunset colors

I broke a tooth and it was repaired.  I trouble shooted a phone problem at the museum.  I designed a bookmark for the museum, a task that was added in preparation for the big whoopty do in May.  I accompanied Far Guy to visit the grand girls and to an appointment.

The outside wood furnace sprung some kind of leak in the middle of the night.  It required a trip to town in the early AM for an adaptor so that 140 gallons of water could be transported from the kitchen sink by garden hose to the furnace. (Versus a five gallon bucket) I was fine filling the bucket..until I learned that we needed 140 gallons.


Good thing we have a gas fireplace for backup..and one of those fancy quartz room heaters..a Sunheat.  So far so good..the house is warm..and spring is coming..we were looking at replacing our furnace with electric storage heat anyway…just not until summer.

The Trumpeter Swans are here..I saw them fly over just above the treetops.

The Canada Geese were in a nearby field.

Canada Geese at Sunset

The geese are those creatures in the snowy field. I only had my idiot camera does pretty good..I should have gone home for the big girl camera..but once I got back home I just wanted to stay there:)

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