The lake in the yard

The water is cold..really cold if you wear Crocs outside.  They are is getting too mucky for my good snow boots.

Chance needed a foot has been on my list.  The hair around the pads of his feet was really long..and he was tracking sand in from the edges of the lake.  It happens every spring.

The reflection of the trees in the lake

There is no place to play ball.  The options are the muddy driveway, through the lake or in the deep snow banks.  He finally just gave up and wanted to be inside with me..especially after all the snow on the woodshed came down in one fell swoop.  Whilst he spent time with me I attacked his feet.  He was ticklish..but patient as I clipped and trimmed.  He was happy to get an extra treat for being a good boy.

Far Guy found out that it was a hose that disintegrated that caused the leak in the woodstove system..he attempted a repair but the hose kept falling be repaired it will have to be dug up and replaced. We feel fortunate that this didn’t happen in the middle of the winter.  Last year the end of March we stopped burning wood because it was so dry outside.

The lake at the end of the walk

The lake begins at the end of the walk.  I think spring is trying to come.  It will be a slow process..we have lots of snow to melt.

The snowstick

There is still 24 plus inches of snow at the snow stick:)

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