Jen helped me do some shopping..I got what I needed..a few tops and some new over the shoulder boulder holders.

Jen is good to shop with.   “Try that one Mom maybe you will like it”  “That one looks like you”  “That one is cute”  “Here try this”  She picked out a very soft hooded red sweater..pullover..with no pockets..but it felt so cozy and warm that I had to have it.  I explained to her that I really need pockets for my office keys..she said “Get a lanyard.”  Great idea..pocket problem solved.

I complained that I hadn’t had time to get a haircut..Jen said “Well we can fix that” and thirty minutes later we both had haircuts.  Bigger cities have places you can just drop in for a haircut, what a convenience.  The last time I got a haircut in Park Rapids it took three hours at the beauty school.  Far Guy didn’t even notice…so apparently it wasn’t much of a change. I am all grey now, all the blonde is gone. The beautician said “Call it sounds better.” It is what it is..and now it takes less time to blow it I am happy. I usually have my hair cut all one length..this time I have some layers..I can still get it into the “old lady bun.”

One by one things are being checked off my list.  I have just one month left before I go back to work:)

Lone Tree  A lone tree in a field in Minnesota.

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