Snow stick and bird butts

The freaking snow is not melting fast enough for me.  It is cold here, the wind is raw and bone chilling.

My garden flag holder reappeared.  It has been under the snow for months.  There is a flag on it..Chickadees I think.  It will be days before I see the flag and know for sure.


That is the garden flag holder in front of the snow stick.  The snow stick is on the west side of the should get the warmth of the afternoon sun.  I am not sure how much snow is at the snow stick..but it is plenty.

My bench is clear of snow..Chance and I sit there and watch the birds after a good ball game.  I love to sit in the afternoon my parka.


This White Breasted Nuthatch entertained us…and gave us a real show!

Tail feathers of a Nuthatch

I think I have told you before I call these birds Assups because that is what my Aunt Marie called them.. this one gave us a beautiful view of his/her tail feathers whilst his ass was up in the air.

Now some of you may not find a bird’s butt beautiful..but look at those feathers!

I got an email from a reader in North Dakota..he said “I saw a robin had a snow shovel.” :)

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