Lake Reports

Ice out will be late this year.  Most of the time the ice goes out of area lakes about April 18th.  The ice goes out and the loons show up about the same time. Our daughter Trica’s birthday is April 18, more often than not the ice was out of area lakes by her birthday.

Not so much this year..although it could rain.. snow is forecast for the weekend..oh joy.

Straight Lake April 3 2013

The public access on Straight Lake on April 3 2013.

This year Park Rapids has the honor/headache of hosting the Governor’s Fishing Opener.  GFO for short.  That is a big deal here in Minnesota.  Along with the Governor and Lieutenant Governor comes their entourage and press and lots of free publicity for the area.

Just because I did not vote for the Governor doesn’t mean a thing.  I sent out an invitation to him for Egg Coffee and Cookies during the open house at the museum from 1-4 on the day prior to the opener.  The Museum could get some great exposure. ( Providing that I get the big mess we left it in last fall all cleaned up..remember we painted inside the museum well into October.)

Bass Lake

Bass Lake April 4 2013

I had a thought.  What if the ice is not off the lakes for opening fishing?  Will they give him waders instead of a boat?

Shell Lake two

Shell Lake April 4 2013

Of course he will not be fishing these lakes..but the Fish Hook Chain of lakes.. I bet they look just as frozen as these lakes.

An eagle landed in our yard..Far Guy thinks he/she was after a rabbit or squirrel..Chance barked and scared him off.  Good thing Little Elvis is not visiting.  I see the eagles flying back and forth to the lake..probably feeding on fish carcasses that were thrown out on the ice during the winter.  Eagles are not above snatching your cat or a small dog..everything is fair game to seems like there are more eagles this more small pets will be sacrificed:(

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