Chance: sNOw report

Hello!  It is about time..I finally get to blog again!  Didya miss me?

Newsflash: It snowed, it started yesterday in the afternoon.

Far Side said “Lets go sit outside in the snow.” So we did.  Her bench was wet..some of the snow melted..she had to go and get her towel.  She has an old ragged red towel she uses on her bench sometimes. She is not a fan of a wet butt.

She wasn’t real happy..or real warm either.  Usually the birds cheer her up.

Downy Woodpecker on the suet in the snow April 5

The snow fell on me..and it fell on Far Side too.  She mumbled a bunch of words when she got tired of the snow falling on her head and put her hood up..I think she got snow down her neck.  Well I got snow on my neck too!

Chance and snow April 5

We finally went in for our afternoon nap whilst the ground turned white.  Far Guy says we all have cabin fever..could is going to snow this weekend..maybe all weekend.

Oh well I can always watch squirrel TV..I watch them watching me from the front step…it is anyone’s guess who will run first and fastest! :)

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2 Responses to Chance: sNOw report

  1. C. Heuer says:

    Hi Chance,
    Nice to hear from you again.
    I saw you at the Hubbard Sleigh festival. You were walking with your Master. You are a very handsome dog. I suppose you already know that. Blog again soon.

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