Stupid Stoves

Last week it was the outdoor wood furnace.  It has a busted underground water line..and you know with the snow we have a repair will not be happening anytime soon.  Last year in April we had mild spring type weather…not so much this year. We are staying warm..but it is not at all like our wood heat.  The cozy warm spot in front of the kitchen sink where the water pipes now icy cold..even Chance was confused..he liked to lay there and melt after a romp in the snow.

Yesterday I turned the oven on to got really hot and beeped and displayed error codes..and beeped some more.  I am not sure if the inside of the oven is cleaned or not because we cannot open the door, the lock will not unlock, and the fan is on and will not shut off.  We finally just shut the breaker off.. the stove top still works..if I want to cook which I don’t I will have to turn the breaker on to use the stove top.

Far Guy says, “I suppose all our stuff is getting old and will fall apart.”  Both stoves are heading toward that 15 year mark…as is the fridge.  I am sure nothing will happen to that fridge..I dislike it so much that it will last forever.  The Jenn- air stove I love..and new ones cost an arm and two legs…so we will hope this one can be repaired.

I am still doing my “winter cleaning”  and I am in the kitchen now.  I am having a blast:)

Kitchen Stove

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