Some Signs of Spring

The Fish Hook River is open.  It is a gathering place for Canada Geese, Ducks and Trumpeter Swans.  The river froze this past there was no open water for waterfowl.

Fish Hook River April 8

There was only one pair of Swans when we drove by.  Usually there are more.  On our way into town a pair of Trumpeter Swans were running along in the ditch..maybe looking for water.

Hiding under a snow ledge

This group was huddled under a snow ledge.  The wind was cold.

We drove on to “the point.”   The point used to be a place where you could meet friends for a swim on warm summer evenings.

The point April 8

Not much swimming happening there yet.  The GFO will be here in a month and two days..will the ice be gone?  ( Governors Fishing Opener)

Our weather is cool..cold..miserable..


Here is the snow stick..there is still 12 inches of snow at the stick.  It could start raining any day now..the weather forecast is for temps about 35F (1C)during the day.  HEATWAVE!!

We called a repairman for the oven..we can bake again.  We both watched how the repairman went about opening the locked oven..he stuck a coat hanger in through the side and unlocked it..and then replaced the sensor…if it ever happens again we could repair it ourselves because the sensor just plugs in.  A service call out here in the boonies is $80 plus the part.  So next time we can save the $80. I am glad it is fixed with the days so cool having a meal in the oven baking makes the whole house seem warmer:)

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