Wistful Wednesday : Stuffed Animals

I found this old polaroid photo of Far Guy and his sister.  It made me smile.

G J Unknown year (2)

Mostly likely this was taken about 1960.  Far Guy looks to be about 10 years old..his sister would have been 15.  His sister looks all dressed up and ready to go someplace. Far Guy looks like he is staying home.  The photo was taken in Far Guys room downstairs, his sister had her bedroom upstairs and when she went off to college he moved into her room.

They were showing off their collection of stuffed animals.. Far Guy says the tigers and the dog were his and the rest were probably his sisters..he knows for sure that the seal was hers.  He said “The monkey was really neat it had a rubber face, ears, hands and feet.”

I bet that bedspread was chenille..and was most likely yellow.  Far Guy remembers it as a wonderful warm covering that was yellow. There used to be so many beautiful designs in chenille bedspreads:)

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  1. Jan - Alexandria says:

    The monkey made me smile :) I remember being around one but don’t remember whose it was. I can still feel the rubbery face and hands and the smell of that rubber. I remember that the seam was coming apart at the front. Funny…like it was yesterday. But now I have to remember who it belonged to. Cousin Patty maybe….

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